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What We Do

We help you solve your technology driven business challenges

Web/App Development

NetGO partners with its customers to provide a complete end-to-end solution, from development and testing through deployment to maintenance. This supports our customer’s short and long-term goals while simultaneously reducing the cost of managing applications.

Cloud Solutions

The most prominent challenges and concerns with cloud are security, integration, compliance, information governance, and lack of trained personnel to manage services. NetGo with years of experience in different sectors is your trusted partner on your journey to success. We offer different cloud solutions from architecture and migration to security and compliance.

IT Transformation

Our practice enables IT to strip out unnecessary operating costs while reducing capital spending and freeing IT staff to create value for the business. Our Application Modernization and Optimization specialists can help to answer the top questions about whether to renew, replace, consolidate, retire, enhance, or build new. As a result, it allows you to get more value from existing applications with reduced costs, more manageable application portfolios, limited business disruption, and decreased risk.


Maintaining DevOps practices increases collaboration by eliminating or significantly reducing silos. Removing walls between the teams share responsibility, improves quality, and creates a continuous feedback stream among the team members with different functions.

Cyber Security

We collectively bring a century of real-world experience to securing enterprises and their critical assets. Our Cyber Security Services offer solutions that address your unique need. Whether it is applying industry best practices or meeting regulatory requirements, NetGo can help.

Cloud Architecture

Our cloud Business Solution Architects will consult you about the implication of the deployment of cloud solution and governance to give you a clear and concise vision of your business’ future in the cloud environment.

About Us

Build IT. Secure IT.
Manage IT.

We are a consulting services group dedicated to serving our clients and to help with amplifying their core technology infrastructure. We provide technology services to private and public sectors to build, secure, and manage their IT infrastructures.

Why Choose Us?

We are more than just your partner, stay connected, secure your data, reach growth goals, engage customers and more.

Pro Tips for IT Solution

Our core competencies are embedded in our DNA as we strive to deliver a professional experience and relationship with our customers.

our partners

strategic partners & Clients

We are proud to have established long-lasting and meaningful relationships with a diverse range of clients and partners. Our commitment to providing exceptional service and delivering results has earned us the trust and loyalty of some of the most respected organizations in the industry.

Industries We Served

Manage your industrial IT Solution with us

Find out how our results-driven digital experiences  and solutions solved some of our clients most difficult challenges from across various vertical. 


Our financial services technologies deliver benefits so you can generate new revenue channels, satisfy customers and stay competitive.

Enterprise & Medium Business

Enterprise and medium-sized businesses trust our broad portfolio of reliable technology solutions that are built to drive scale and growth. 

Federal Government

Discover how we can transform your agency with the technology that helps increase your agility, helps you stay ahead of cyber threats and seamlessly and securely enhance your infrastructure.

Medical & Health

Our medical and health solutions will help you adopt new technologies and shape the future of patient care.

Our Case Study

Discover how we’ve helped our clients to solve some of their most difficult digital challenges and deliver great products and services to their customers.

We've helped several companies and government agencies to transform

Our depth of experience in implementing innovative IT solutions enables us to provide highly responsive and cost effective solutions. Through our proven project management and cost engineering methodology services, we ensure that our clients get maximum return on their investment.

We are a minority owed business.
SBA Certified
We pride ourselves with being a woman owned business.
Diverse leadership team

Ready to get the best solution for your business?

We’d love to discuss your project or world-beating idea with you. Alternatively, Please tell us how we can help you. The more information you provide, the better we can serve you.